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Oatman Arizona is a gold mining town in the Black Mountains of Mohave County elevation 2700 ft which began as a tent camp So plan a trip to come and visit us and travel the Historic Route 66 Mother Road from Illinois to California Open 7 days a week all year long Wild Burros roam our streets of Oatman Arizona

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May 10 2014 Once a goldmining village nestled away in the hills Oatman is now a borderline tourist trap with twicedaily shootouts in the street by some driedup cowboy lookalikes Cowboys duel on Route 66

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Between Kingman and Oatman Route 66 is a narrow paved twolane road that winds through canyons so spectacular that it becomes difficult to keep your eyes on the road Thankfully there are pullouts so you can stop and take in the views It grew into a flourishing goldmining center when in 1915 two miners found gold the mine produced

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However the gold mining operations were shut down by the US Government as part of the countrys war efforts to produce other metals When a new route between Kingman AZ and Needles CA was constructed in 1953 the town was eventually abandoned As mentioned above Oatman has experienced quite the renaissance

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Feb 26 2010 Mike Eubank president of the Route 66 Gold Miners stands by the San Gabriel River in the Angeles National Forest Members of the Route 66 Gold Miners

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Route 66 Old West California Gold Mining 1871 California Miners in front of stagecoach 1894 Colorado Prospector With Burros Colorado Pack Train Copper miners in Michigan 1916 Death Valley CA 20Mule Team Borax Wagons Death Valley CA 20Mule Team 1890 Gold panning

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A miner had to find an ounce of gold a day just to break even Most miners barely found enough gold to pay for daily expenses Nevertheless it was among the most important eras of migration in American history and led to statehood for California As miners continued to invent faster more destructive methods of finding gold the land was ravaged

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Like mining camps that sprang up during the discovery of gold and were later abandoned Route 66 has left behind ghost towns and memories Much of the road was cut through the Ozarks in the

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Jul 30 2020 This mining town on a scenic stretch of West Route 66 was in danger of disappearing before it rose again as a fun and curious tourist town Wild burros wander the

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Jun 17 2001 Arizona ghost town is so Wild West its spooky Route 66 outpost once thrived with goldminers movie stars Kevin Fagan Chronicle Staff Writer June 17 2001 Updated Feb 1 2012 603 am

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Drive an hour north to Oatman a former goldmining camp and your first stop on the longest original stretch of the old Mother RoadStroll the buckboard street and visit the allegedly haunted Oatman Hotel formerly the Durlin where movie stars Clark Gable and Carole Lombard honeymoonedEnjoy staged gunfights and Oatmans famous fourlegged settlersthe wandering wild burrosbefore

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Miners were sent elsewhere to work in the extraction of more valuable wartime metals Oatman was fortunate because of its location on US Highway 66 and local commerce shifted toward accommodating motorists traveling between Kingman Arizona and Needles California

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Apr 07 2019 Oatman a wild west gold mining town with many Route 66 attractions Sitgreaves Pass Goldroad Mining Ghost town Cool Springs Service Station and the road itself The Historic Route 66 Back Country BywayDont miss the Gunfights and Burros in town or The historic Durlin Oatman Hotel in Oatman

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Mar 28 2021 The former gold mining town of Oatman Arizona is home to regular wild west shows wandering burros who used to work in the mines and a fun out west vibe that makes a stop here mandatory on any Route 66 trip

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In fact Edgerton surveyed the section of Route 66 that runs past his place He remembers the Okies and Arkies as folks who would work for one dollar a day It made the gold miners in Oatman mad he said and they told the Okies to work for more or get out

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Oct 15 2020 Get your kicks on a Route 66 road tripthis 2448mile journey from Chicago to Santa Monica is a trip down memory lane of our nations history

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These burros are direct descendants from the Gold Miners that brought them to the area as pack animals Then the coming of World War Two when the gold mines surrounding Oatman and Gold Roads Arizona was shut down the burros were set free to roam the hills So come and enjoy our Wild Burros roaming our streets and keep in mind BLM now

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The only known record of gold production for the Hexahedron Mine was in the year 1893 when the US Bureau of Mines listed the placer production from the Hexahedron at 11668 ounces of gold One of the most intriguing things about the mine are the rumors of there being a mill associated with it

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The next time youre out getting your kicks on historic Route 66 in Arizona experience a bit of Americas golden past at the same time by stopping in the ghost town of Oatman Born as a tent camp for gold miners in 1906 the town boomed then busted in the 1940s and has since come alive again

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Sep 30 2020 Gold miners from the nearby canyons used Ballarat as a supply depot in 1897 and the community was defunct by 1905 Daggett California This town thrived in the 1880s through first decade of 1900s It supported silver miners and was the distribution point for 20mule teams hauling Borax from Death Valley Calico California

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Route 66 Gold Miners Inc A chapter of the GPAA Also check with the main database GPAA Chapters Contact Mike Eubank President EMail ocgloldpanaolcom Contact Michael Beechler Vice PresidentWebmaster EMail webmasterroute66goldminerorg Meetings Held on the 2nd Sunday Monthly 400 PM Cocos Restaurant 1250 Imperial

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GPAA Brea California Route 66 Gold Miners Contact Max Maxilom 6264889310 wwwroute66goldminersorg GPAA Chico Chapter Contact Mark Thompson 5305205134 East Bay GPAA Based in Concord CA Contact Brian Ramos 9256033271 wwweastbaygpaawebscom

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ROUTE 66 Gold Miners A Local Hobbyist Testimonial It is possible to collect coins in the national forests but any prospecting for gold will be subjected to the mining laws of Ca Some national forests in California where you can detect are San Bernardino National Forest

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The 52 mile section of Route 66 between Topock and Kingman is the most spectacular remaining in Arizona or perhaps the whole Southwest the road crosses empty cactistrewn desert and the rugged Black Mountains passing several old mining towns and other evocative ruinsIn places the road is very steep and winding so difficult for traffic that US 66 was at one time rerouted across flatter

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Aug 28 2020 This ghost town is alive with wild burros and remnants of the gold mining industry and following Route 66 to town is half the fun Youll traverse winding mountain roads with views for miles Address Southwest of Kingman on Highway 10 in the Black

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Eds Camp was founded in the 1920s by Ed Edgerton who set up the Kactus Cafe a gas station some campgrounds and related facilities to serve local miners Today Eds looks like it has been abandoned for years Ed claimed to own the only living Saguaro cactus on Route 66 A friend of mine told me that all Saguaro cacti have to face West to live

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Grand Canyon Caverns Once one of the prime tourist draws along Route 66 Kingman Home to The Powerhouse a former power plant thats now a worthwhile Route 66 museum Old Route 66 Oatman A onetime gold mining town thats an odd mix of ghost town and tourist draw Related Travel Guides

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Dark Diner of Route 66 will be an upcoming episode of season 2 of ScoobyDoo and Guess Who 1 Premise 2 Synopsis 3 Characters 4 Locations 5 Objects 6 Vehicles 7 Suspects 71 Culprits 8 Cast 9 Notestrivia 91 Miscellaneous 92 Animation mistakes andor technical glitches 93 Inconsistencies

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See the Route 66 Guided Motorcycle Tour from Chicago to Los Angeles with Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon Or for a shorter Route 66 trip you can join on a motorcycle the portion from Albuquerque to LA on Route 66 This is a 10 Day Tour Self Guided Drive Motorcycle Route

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Route 66 GM Join our Chapter Its FREE Route 66 Gold Miners Inc is the nonprofit Orange County Chapter of the GPAA We hold our monthly meetings in Brea CA centrally located in beautiful Southern California Our chapter was formed in 2003 and since then has grown to one of the best prospecting clubs around Our members range in