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froth flotation of fluorite a review abstract europe pmc

Feb 18 2021 Finally the most widely seen fluoriteflotation cases including separation of fluorite from quartz calcite barite and sulfide are summarized individually The present review sheds new light on the deep understanding of fluorite flotation the future synthesis of reagents as well as their schemes in practical use

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Fluorite usually be flotation by carboxylic acid collectorsBecause of the high solidification point of carboxylic acidtherefore the pulp temperature has significant effect on the flotation process Within a certain temperature rangeWhen the temperature is highcarboxylic acids solubility increased in pulp it is easy to dispersestrengthen

flotation concentration of a lowgrade fluorite ore from

flotation test was that the fluorite content could be substantially upgraded by flotation Therefore seven additional tests were performed using the same test procedure to determine the effect of several variables on the recovery of the fluorite These variables included

pdf natural hydrophobicity and flotation of fluorite

Natural hydrophobicity and flotation of fluorite January 2007 Physicochemical Problems of Mineral Processing 41 Authors

cn101507948a cold condition fluorite flotation collector

The invention discloses a collector for the floatation of fluorite at a low temperature The collector comprises the following raw materials in weight portion 35 to 45 portions of fatty alcohol polyethenoxy ether carboxylic acid sodium 40 to 50 portions of sodium cetanesulfonate and 8 to 12 portions of fatty acid methyl ester sodium sulfonate

froth flotation of fluorite a review sciencedirect

The optimum pulp pH of the flotation of fluorite was determined as approximately 9510 The best results are obtained using a combination of quebracho and white dextrin as depressants reaching

pdf mechanism of collector adsorption in fluorite flotation

In this regard the flotation of barite type fluorite generally needs to adjust the pH value of the slurry through a mixing process and Na2CO3 and use oleic acid and water glass as collectors and inhibitors to obtain a mixed concentrate of fluorite and barite Ore and then flotation to separate barite and fluorite

the anionic flotation of fluorite from barite using

The main component of fluorite is CaF2 so fluorite is the industry resource of F Fluorite has a rich color usually grows with scheelite phosphorite pyrite blende quartz dolomite and other minerals Flotation separation for the fluorite beneficiation is difficult for similar characteristics between fluorite and pyrite barite

the flotation separation of fluorite from calcite using

Bastnaesite is a chief natural source of light rare earth elements LREEs The effective depression of Cacontaining minerals such as fluorite and calcite in bastnaesite flotation system is normally difficult and it is imperative to exploit more environmentallyfriendly depressants which can inhibit these gangue minerals simultaneously Hence we employ citric acid H SUB 3 SUB Cit a

the improvement effect of dispersant in fluorite flotation

Fluorite is an important nonmetallic mineral resource and the main source of fluorine in the industry There are three kinds of processing processes of fluorite hand separation gravity separation and flotation separation Among them hand separation and gravity separation are mostly used as auxiliary separation and preseparation while flotation separation is the main method

flotation separation of fluorite from calcite using

It prohibits fluorite flotation at pH 6 and thus benefits the reverse flotation Fluorite can be activated at pH 8 and then enriched by flotation Thus pH is the key parameter controlling the efficient separation However the cost of organic phosphonic acid is

pdf improving fluorite flotation from ores by dispersion

Whereas a metallurgicalgrade fluorite is obtained by gravity and magnetic separation methods flotation is the major concentration process for the production of acidgrade fluorite Selective

flotation separation of scheelite from fluorite using

Jul 20 2020 The flotation performance of barite and fluorite at pH 75 as a function of GS dosage was presented in Fig3 It shown that the flotation recovery of barite decreased significantly from 90 to less than 5 with the increasing GS dosage However the flotation recovery of fluorite was almost not affected in the presence of GS

pdf reverse flotation separation of fluorite from

The floatability of fluorite and calcite as a function of NaOl dosage at pH 80 is shown in Fig 4As seen in Fig 4 flotation recoveries of fluorite and calcite significantly increased with increasing dosage of NaOl and remained constant at high collector concentrationThe flotation recovery of both fluorite and calcite was over 90 using 15 10 4 molL NaOl which is due to the

beneficiation of fluorite by flotation in a new chemical

Different dispersants were added in the dispersion process to improve the efficiency of fluorite flotation The types and dosage of dispersant on the improvement of fluorite flotation were investigated when the sodium polyacrylate SPA was used as the dispersant and its addition is 05 the concentrate grade of CaF 2 increased from 90ampx25 to 98ampx25 and the fluorite recovery increased

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May 01 2020 The flotation separation results also demonstrated that CuII could effectively inhibit fluorite while had little influence on cassiterite which illustrated that CuII was an effective depressor for fluorite in the flotation separation of cassiterite from fluorite using SPA as the collector 33 Zeta potential measurements

seven tricks to improve the effect of fluorite flotation

Jul 01 2020 The mineral samples of fluorite and calcite were ground to 2 m 10 g of the mineral sample was added to 40 mL flotation cell and the pH was adjusted to about 85 like in the flotation test Then the depressant and the collector were added and the slurry was reacted for 20 min

influence of pulp ph on flotation of fluorite and calcite

The fluorite flotation is performed by using oleic acid as the collector and quebracho as the depressant which is a commonly used chemical scheme for fluorite flotation Crozier 1992Raju and Prabhakar 2000 Fig 4 illustrates concentrate grade CaF 2 changed on the recovery from the fluorite flotation of the fluorite ore with or without

testing of new collectors for concentration of fluorite by

The flotation recovery of scheelite and fluorite keeps at about 75 and 10 respectively at the pulp pH 9396 and PANa concentration from 30 to 50 mgL IR spectra results suggest that PANa has a chemical effect on the surface of scheelite and fluorite The zeta potential of fluorite becomes more negative than that of scheelite after PANa

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Fluorite CaF2 as an important strategic mineral source is usually separated from calcite by the common froth flotation method but this separation is still not selective enough

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Finally the most widelyseen fluoriteflotation cases including separations of fluorite from quartz calcite barite and sulfide are summarized individually The present review sheds new light

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The flotation recovery of scheelite and fluorite keeps at about 75 and 10 respectively at the pulp pH 9396 and PANa concentration from 30 to 50 mgL IR spectra results suggest that PANa has a chemical effect on the surface of scheelite and fluorite

the effect of citric acid in the flotation separation of

Flotation fluorite ore processing The present invention uses a mixture of acid alkali and synergist as a modifier oleic acid or oak sodium oleate as collector the process for the composite circuit in a nearneutral under normal temperature conditions fluorite oreflotation of fluorite concentrate obtained a high recovery rate product

here are all flotation separation processes for different

When fluorite flotation uses oleic acid as the collector it also has certain requirements on the hardness of the flotation medium water that is the collection effect is better when the water is softer As the ordinary water contains Ca2 and Mg2 ions Mg2 will seriously interfere with the separation effect of fluorite flotation

effect and mechanism of cuii on flotation separation of

Pulp pH value plays a significant role in the froth flotation Especially in the flotation of fluorite the performance of flotation will be affected greatly by pulp pH MO a new kind of modified fatty acid was used as collector and H2SO4 and Na2CO3 were used to regulate pulp pH in the experiment The mechanism of influence of pulp pH on flotation of fluorite and calcite was investigated by